Cameras In America

The placement of cameras on streetlights and every building in the United States is one way in which panopticism has been embedded in our society. For instance, New Orleans has speed and regular cameras at almost every street intersection. This invokes people to follow the speed limit and not break the law or the consequences of those actions. Cameras in very public places are meant to scare people. It is the fear of being watched and judged for activities that may not be considered legal.

Cameras allow government officials or people in power to monitor the actions of citizens. Another thing with being able to use Cameras is that it will enable people to lock in on your movements and track you. Especially in the CIA, FBI, and NSA, people are looking through cameras peeping on suspecting criminals and citizens to ensure they are not “obstructing” justice within America. I think this is just a way to invade people’s privacy and call it protection. A good amount of time, some cameras do not even work and cannot help situations because people only put up cameras as a sense of protection. Sometimes, cameras are just a fluke to put fear in people because cameras can pick up their faces and trace them back. However, sometimes most cameras do not pick the correct information, which can be falsifying and have people inquire about the wrong people. I think cameras are so behind in technology nowadays because people tend to mistake people in our society, which causes issues within the community. Especially in our justice system, there are a lot of racist people out there that will try their best to falsify information to target people of color. Cameras are sometimes not used for protection but can aid people in making bad decisions. 

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