Faith, Trust, and…

I do not believe that it is religion that allows one to defeat a dystopia, but rather the strong belief in religion that makes us grounded enough to overcome such an adversity. Through placing our trust and utmost belief in some concept, our own confidence will grow, and it reinforces a positive outlook on our circumstances. For instance, if a person were to think “God will make everything right for me”, they would have no reason to waver during hard times if they believed that God will truly do such a thing. If we were to be pessimistic, the change we want is likely to not occur, nor would we have the drive to make such a change. 

Religion does not necessarily have to be the element that we place our faith in, nor does it have to be the only element. We can place our faith in other like-minded people to reinforce our own thoughts and strengthen our faith. In Brown Girl in the Ring, Ti-Jeanne is able to overcome her difficult situation not only with faith in her religion, but also through acceptance of her growing spirituality as well as her strong support system. In 1984, Winston’s own spirit is crushed when he comes to find out that the people he believed to be on his side would ultimately come to betray him. This even includes himself, when he puts his own safety over Julia, the woman he claimed he loved. Winston loses the only thing he placed his faith in, causing him to become a victim of his own government. Had Winston found other concepts to put his faith in, he likely would have had a higher chance of success in overthrowing the Party. Keeping faith within various elements allows us to fall back on another element if we lose faith in one.

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