My Definition of Dystopia

I define dystopia by the condition of the world and how we as citizens are affected by them. Dystopia begins when the people lose their voice or freedom of expression and are oppressed by a certain party. Everyone is made to think a certain way and blind patriotism is exhibited by the citizens. The traits of society also can make it more dystopian; for example, in Battle Royale the students were forced to participate in a murderous game that had been normalized as a way to reduce overpopulation due to recession, food, and job shortages. Oppression is the most inherent trait of dystopia because it begins with conformity and the voice of the people being reduced to a whisper. Dystopias work because of intimidation and fear among citizens to stay in line or suffer extreme consequences of those in charge. It is inhumane, cruel, and dehumanizing all together because you can’t escape the conditions; you can only hate or detest them in private.

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