American High Education

America High Education is definitely a dystopia due to the fact that it is so expensive and hard to access. We have made education a privilege rather than a necessity. Several people struggle to afford it without loans or scholarships. Loans are an absurd idea to implement in the name of education because we take out several thousands of dollars just to obtain a degree just to get a job to repay the debt accumulated in the process. Education in America has become more of a money scheme than a system that has student’s best interests at heart. Then, there is never a guarantee of employment or meaning in your degree after graduation which makes the entire process even more nerve-wrecking. High Education in America will remain dystopian so long as it is outrageously priced and inaccessible to those of lower or middle class, until it is affordable and equal for all. Affordable education doesn’t have to be lower quality simply because it is inexpensive.

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