Podcast Post-Production

Working in groups is usually a nightmare. I despise having to rely on others to complete tasks. I can simply do it myself and keep it moving forward. Furthermore, I dislike having to communicate with others all of the time when attempting to do something, whether for school or outside of school. I am a very autonomous thinker, which means I make judgments for myself without taking into account the opinions of others. This has advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes to group work, it almost always becomes a disadvantage. However, I adapt well in group assignments, such as this semester’s, and I had a generally positive experience. I appreciated my group mates’ responsiveness and relative accountability, as well as the opportunity to develop communication and make collective decisions.

I’m not particularly computer smart. I’ll definitely transfer technical responsibility to another individual if I can. This project allowed me to think thoughtfully about technology, which I found beneficial. My technological abilities are really limited. My technological communication, on the other hand, is robust. The spoken element of this project was one of my favorites, and recording it and uploading it to Brightspace was a breeze. Overall, this was a fun project to work on.

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