Is Religion Necessary?

Religion is a fantastic thing to have in my opinion, but it is not for everyone, and that is great. Religion may be an excellent basis for personal values, but I don’t think it’s healthy for others when it’s imposed upon them in indirect and direct ways. Politics is strongly religiously based, especially on the conservative side of the spectrum, but I can imagine religion having little to no influence in terms of resolving oppression or a dystopia in the case of dystopias. I simply disagree that religion is a direct answer to injustice, but I believe it may improve things because it provides individual guidance and faith. Religion may be used to meet a person’s goal, which is the sole drawback. This was done a lot during slavery, and it was really dangerous because if you can persuade an oppressed group of people to accept your ideas, which are backed by your interpretation of religion, then that group would sink further into a hole with no way out. I can’t think that’s the answer because there’s so much space for corruption and manipulation when it comes to religious rule over the masses.

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