Group Work

I can’t recall any issues I’ve had in the past with working in groups. When I am in a group we normally divvy up the work and assign particular jobs to group mates, everyone is mainly accountable for themselves, and we consult each other throughout to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Working in groups is usually not an issue for me, based on the circumstances. Because we never see each other at all during this course, I believe this class will be a little tough. If someone does not respond to an email, message, or another form of communication, there will be no feedback from them. Not only that but working around everyone’s schedule could definitely cause some difficulty in regards to meeting everyone at one time and location.

I believe I am probably a little bit above average in terms of my skills in working with technology for communication purposes. I have well-rounded skills in the use of most services on google drive as well as Microsoft PowerPoint. I also use social media often to communicate with large audiences on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Nonetheless, I am not familiar with the new social media app Tik Tok which has a massive grip on the minds of today’s youth which I will not dive too deep in, but this has become one of the most used apps today.

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