Lights, Camera, Alina

Doing a podcast is something I never did before and is something I never had the urge to do. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of teens, adults and even little kids have blogs and podcasts because that is the norm and the hype for the moment. Some of my close family and friends binge watch on random people’s podcasts daily and I just watch in amazement because that is something I see never piquing my interest.

The first steps into doing any kind of podcast are to watch and see how it’s done and see if you are good at understanding and watching what is taking place. Whenever I was videos or movies, I have to clearly hear what events are taking place and be intrigued by them. I will be lost until the end of the film if these two things aren’t happening and I will not get a full analysis of the events that took place. The same applies to books I read. You ever start reading a book and your mind wonders but you’re still reading? Well, it happens to me with bad read novels all the time. Annotating actually helps me critically analyze texts and contemporary events but I don’t know how can I apply that technique to films.

Furthermore, I am not good at predicting what events are going to happen in films before they happen either. I’m just not gifted like that. Whenever it comes to me clearly and effectively articulating my thoughts and ideas, I do it best on paper. When I try to orally say my thoughts out loud, I always forget what I have to say or leave very important details out. My thoughts don’t flow when I speak. When writing, I can always revert back to what I say and extra pizzazz before a person inside or outside an organization can read. Hopefully, the learning tasks I listed I can’t are achievable and I hope to achieve all during and after the production of a podcast. The ones I didn’t list I’m not sure of because this area is outside my expertise and seems a little advance. Hopefully with the help of my peers who are strong in this area can give me tips on how to compete for perspectives with big ideas and analyze and comprehend underlying assumptions. I like these two extra learning goals for myself because its a challenge that I’ll be able to apply in other aspects of my life as well.

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