Learning to learn: Production Note

While reflecting upon myself and my learning skills over life I realized that I am still learning to learn. There is no one specific learning style that suits me well because I am varied. How I interpret and learn new knowledge highly depends on the subject I am attempting to master. Therefore I would describe myself as a visual learner, a tactical learner, and an audio learner. However even though I have learned to adapt to different learning styles learning doesn’t mean retention; I want to learn retention.

Learning varies for me, therefore, I have adapted to different learning styles. When faced with new and difficult subjects that require thought I am more of a tactical learner. For example math, it is not my strongest skill therefore when I learn new math skills I am hands on with the information received. However, for something such as art which comes natural to me I am able to learn both visually and through lecture. The same goes for any other skills that comes to me almost as a review, I am able to learn without being hands-on with the information. Its kind of like going with the flow.

With all being said, having a learning style doesn’t mean your learning. So I wish to better my learning in an effort to think more critically and retain the knowledge I’m being given. I go though so much knowledge, classes and thoughts that sometimes it just seems impossible to remember and retain everything. Therefore I have to work on my thought organization. If I was able to better organize my thoughts then I would be able to critically analyze what I learn. Once you begin to analyze critically then you begin to retain. Therefore, learning to learn and think critically is the key for me to achieve the competency to retain knowledge efficiently.

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