University as a Dystopia

When you think about it, American higher education is the literal definition of a dystopia. You have to pay to even be considered for acceptance, pay to attend, rack up on student loans and then hope that your degree will get you a job where you will make enough money to pay back those loans. Most colleges know exactly what they’re looking for in a student as far as grades, extracurriculars, personal interest, etc. They choose the students who are pretty much the same, and then further shape them into the people they want them to be and blame it on school history and what they stand for. Many people feel like college sets you up for success and that is the case for some people but for others, they are only successful from the outside looking in. For example, you have this successful neurosurgeon, who makes so much money and has a lot of possessions and so you assume he is happy. To anyone else this is exactly what you want in old age, but in reality he is stressed out from giving half his check to student loans and having to stay in this career until all the loans are paid off. Society has made it seem like a higher education is your only chance at real freedom and happiness when in reality you still end up following someone else’s lead.

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