Through the Mouth of Freud

Any form of government is repressive to human nature because naturally it takes away man’s ability to do exactly as they please. Essentially, With the government being completely in charge of what someone can or can’t do their freedom is limited as opposed to an society where government wasn’t a factor. However at the same time I feel like giving man too much freedom creates a opening for trouble and even war in the future. For example, man is naturally selfish and want to be the best. The primary goal is to continuously gain wealth and power, despite the amount they already have. Without government every man would have the ability  to use his power in any way in order to preserve his own life and further gain wealth and power. Though the government repress human nature, in a way this is a good thing because the self and superior attitude we hold as human is bound to lead to problems without some type of control put in place. 

Some type of law is needed in order to keep order. Having some type of governmental control and enforced laws would prevents taking actions that would compromise peace even if it is for the benefit of an individual in some type of way. A limited government allows freedom from obstacles man may face which would cause trouble within society. I feel like in order to enjoy maximum peace we could need some limits of what we can and can’t do. 

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