Least Dystopian Society

A society in which the government has complete control over its people and leaves no rom for the opinion of the people that serve them, is the key to a dystopian society. Because of this, I feel like an actual democratic government in which the people have a say and a middle ground can be fairly reached among opposing opinions would result in the least dystopian society. With this type of government, there would be no biases within the government itself and this would allow all sides to feel heard and represented. In order for this to even be properly executed,  the person in control would most likely need to lack any humanly flaws. Considering the struggles humans faces, I feel like this type democracy is not something seemingly tangible by man, but it is something that can be worked towards through self discipline and dedication and even then this type of democracy still may not even be reached.

In today’s society, I feel like this type of actual fair democracy would be really hard to implement just because with many leaders, its one or the other. Finding a common ground isn’t something that is typically seen and because of this, everyone’s voice isn’t heard. For the least dystopian society possible this type democracy would have to consist of perfect governing and in order for it to remain perfect, it should be run by a perfect leader as well or atlas someone that is aware of their flaws and has worked towards fixing it.

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