Group Podcast

I can’t really think of any problems I’ve had with working in groups in the past. Because we usually split the work up and delegate specific tasks to members of the group, everyone is kind of responsible for themselves for the most part and we would collaborate throughout to make sure everyone is one the same page. Usually I don’t have a problem with working in groups depending on the situation. For this class, I think it may be a little challenging because we don’t see each other at all throughout the semester. If someone does not respond through email, message, etc, then there will just be no input from them. Not only this, working around everyone’s schedule is also a problem we may run into. Besides this, working in a group is not much of a problem for me. 

Using technology to communicate to a larger audience is nothing new especially since the pandemic. Since the start of the pandemic, I have gotten much better at being able to communicate an idea through different methods using technology. Even now with all of my classes being in person, using technology is still a very important aspect in class presentations; this may be PowerPoint, videos, audio and much more. 

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