Discovering a Dystopia

A dystopia is a civilization in which all of life has fallen to shambles; the more you experience this civilization, the more you see how dehumanizing and miserable it is. More importantly, I feel like these civilizations are a warning to what could be of our future lives if we continue to follow this path that we are currently on. One example I can think about is the movie What Happened to Monday. After the death of his wife during childbirth, a father has to raise his family of septuplets. In doing this, they spend their lives “training” to take on the identity of one woman, Karen Settman. One child goes out a day, to get a chance to live their life as Karen with the plan for the next sister to pick up where the prior left off the day before. There is no individuality in their life seeing that they are not allowed to express their true self in public without being potentially killed. They spend their entire life pretending to be one person until one of the seven sisters go missing and the remaining realize that their life long secret has been revealed. Now they have to survive being hunted down by the government while they search for their sister. The government has restricted its citizens to a one child per family policy until there are sufficient resources to manage its citizens. In this movie, this dystopian society warns about the long terms effects of overpopulation. Just as any other dystopian movie or novel, this movie shows the “what if” outcome of our current situations. Though these may not provide an solution to the problem, I feel like this does shed light on problems we may look over.

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