Give A Little To Get A Little

I am willing to give up some of my privacy for fundamental human rights such as protection and public safety. I believe that I can give up small amounts of privacy if it makes my life easier and more comfortable. Especially during these conditions of society where people have access to a variety of technological advancements, there has to be a way to counteract the vulnerability. So, if that means that officials have access to certain information about citizens then I am willing to surrender those aspects of my privacy. However, if data collection or other methods of surveillance begin to be an abuse of power then that is where I would begin to be concerned. It would be naive to think that society can function without precautions, mutual laws, and policies. Many people including myself enjoy the convenience that technology has brought to our daily lives and to be able to continue to enjoy these innovations there has to be a level of “insurance”. In this class, we have studied and revisited some common fictional dystopias (i.e The Hands Maid Tale) and that is a reminder of the chaos that can exist in communities. Knowing that the world can be much worse with rights unprotected makes me feel more willing to surrender some of my privacy. Relinquishing some aspects of privacy allows for other areas of protected privacy and livelihood. Although there are imperfections within society and many people suffer, there are also different advancements that improve the quality of life. Yes, technology allows us to carry touchscreen phones with us every day, but it is the same technology that cures illnesses and  mass produces goods and services. I think those rewards are worth the loss of some of my privacy. I enjoy the things that we sometimes take for granted because we don’t know a life of the alternative. I believe that we sacrifice certain things so that we will not live in a world like Gotham city every day. While we may experience the characteristics of utter chaos, there is a structure within our society so, there is a “tug and pull” relationship between benefits and drawbacks. 

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