For the People

The least dystopian form of government is a democracy because it allows people to have representatives that align with their values and there are checks and balances. In an ideal democracy, any issues that a society has can be addressed through a group of qualified officials who listen to the citizens and their concerns. In a democracy, there are levels to a government and they are presently known as the judicial, legislative, and executive. Each part of the government has assigned duties and power so that there is an even distribution of faculty. A democracy’s monologue is to “be for the people by the people”. That statement demonstrates that a Democracy is supposed to be good and embody a system that benefits everyone with fair rulings and uniformity. 

However, I do have to acknowledge that this is not a perfect world and a Democracy is vulnerable to corruption and ruled through discrimination. For example, the current United States Democracy is full of prejudice and discrimination. There are several laws that make foreigners feel unwelcomed and even minorities that are citizens experience hostile situations and hate crimes. A democracy runs the risk of having elected officials that push harmful agendas like enforcing deportation or banning abortions. But I do believe things like this happen within any form of government because society is often vulnerable to the concept of greed.  What separates a democracy is the concept of using the vote of the majority to help create agendas and determine the rules of society. On that basis, democracy would be the least dystopian because when people feel like they have a say so in what happens they will be less likely to riot or be chaotic.  Most people want the rights they think all humans deserve and they want to feel in control of their human experience. A democracy allows that through elections and official updates to make the people feel involved.

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