What is Dystopia?

What does the word dystopia mean to me? When I think of dystopia, the only idea that comes to mind is a world that is not perfect. A world that has many flaws and problems. I was in middle school when I was first introduced to the word dystopia. I was taught that dystopia was when there was a world that was not completely under the control of the government. It was the opposite of the meaning of utopia. In a dystopian world, the cities are suffering and experiencing injustice. Living in a dystopian society can be hard for the citizens. Citizens sometimes feel as if they can not trust the ones that are in charge, and that their best interests are not being thought of when laws and policies are being put into place. A good movie that I watched back in the day was The Giver. The Giver showed the idea of how the government wanted a utopian world, but the truth about society was shown with the flaws that citizens experienced. Another idea of it being dystopian, what the social and economic class differences. In a dystopian society, not everything is equal, some elements make living miserable. In a dystopian society, there is a loss of individuality because they are very dependent on the ideas that are forced upon them by the people in charge.

The idea of being in a dystopian society is relatively normal for people. In every part of the country, people may think that they are living in a dystopian society because they have different values and beliefs from the people in power. No real society is free from flaws and that is exactly what a dystopian world is. To summarize what exactly the word Dystopia means to me is a society that is suffering from a lack of independence. It is when people are living in a world full of sorrow and remorse.

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