Sigmund Freud’s views on Civilization and Its Discontents

After reading Sigmund Freud’s view on Civilization and Its Discontents, I can say that Freud is not correct. Freud’s main argument is that religion is the bases of everything in the world. He believes that religion is what makes the world function as it is. I do think that some part of this society functions on the bases of religion, but I do not believe that it is the only factor that is in play for our community. Some of our laws and arguments are based on what people with religious belief believes versus what others believe. I think people use religion to justify ideas that they do not think are moral. People who find religion and are firm believers tend to forget about the other aspects of life when making decisions for others.

Another thing that Freud being up with is the idea of sexual relationships between families. He states that a man and a woman do not need a child to be happy and that when they do have a child that child is interrupting the sexual relationship of the parents. I do not think this statement is correct. He believes that once a child is born the parent’s relationship will begin to change, but I believe that once a child is born the parents grow closer. Yes, they may not need a child to be happy, but a child can bring more happiness to the parents. A child being added will allow for growth and other endless possibilities. Overall I agree and disagree with what Freud has to say about Civilization and Its Discontents.

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