Perfect Utopia in my Eyes

I have never thought of what I would consider my perfect Utopia. I think if I were to create a Utopia, I would allow people not to be confined to the norms that make them feel stuck. In society today, most people are judged by doing stuff outside the others think is the right way to do it. In my utopia, I would get rid of judgment from others. I think people should be able to participate in the life that they choose and not others. Most people feel forced to go down the track of school because that is what society deems is the right way, but in my utopia, there would not be one path that people must follow, they can do what they please. Another idea that my utopia would have is not to have any significant health problems like cancer, or major disease. I think that having a world full of no significant health problems will be better as many people would not have to struggle.

In my utopia, healthcare access should be accessible to all. Health insurance should not be limited to those who can afford it, it is a basic right for all citizens to have health care. My utopia would focus on a better environment that will allow the world to last longer.

Building a utopia is a hard task, what you think is perfect is not perfect for others. Many people will not agree with the ideas that you propose, and that’s when it comes down to what the majority thinks. I think a utopia would be a hard task to do even if it could happen. There are a lot of ideas that I could bring into that could make a perfect utopia that other people would disagree with me. It is all just a preference for what is perfect.

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