Government for a least dystopian

As I examine all the governments listed, I believe the least dystopian government would be a democracy. The definition of a democracy is being ruled by the people. Being governed by the people means that everyone in society has the ability to share their thoughts and concerns that would be taken into consideration. In a democracy, the majority is what is taken into consideration when the final say comes. Democracy is the best choice to be the least dystopian government because instead of one person saying this is how society should be ruled, everyone has a say in what should be the law. This type of government shows a least dystopian society because it listens to the voices of many people than just the people who are considered to be superior to others.

Although to be fair, I do not think that there is any type of government that would fully make a society a utopia. The way that the system is set up, there are plenty of challenges that are put into place to make sure that the people of the underserved are not able to voice their opinions. Most of the time, the government works to benefit the rich or superior class rather than the majority of its citizens. A democracy would be the least dystopian government, but it will not produce a utopian society. There are many issues and problems that everyone has that will not just disappear from just exhibiting a democratic type of government.

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