Was Freud Right?

Sigmund Freud expresses how he believes that human nature is similar to the government, by the argument that nature controls our lives and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. In this I partially agree. The government has such a structure that it was built to hold power over all subordinates. It determines how everything is ran and how it should be handled. However, we do have some say in who we appoint to positions with the hope that they do not fall into the same pattern. Humans can be stripped of all of their rights legally and be forced into exploitation by the power of the constitution, simply because they are found guilty. What we do to combat this doesn’t necessarily change the structure it only makes noises.

The idea that change is happening is slight but gives hope. And we can see this in the fact the Martian Luther King Jr. still would have some work to do to make the government his utopia. It is easy to see that the government runs on money and has priorities that are not the people. They are willing to take away rights ants deal in personal matter before they share with those in the most need. All freedoms have their boundaries so I do agree mostly with the thoughts of Freud.

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