The State of Ur-Fascism

I am still trying to understand what ur-fascism actually is. Offering an example from my current understanding would be cult or maybe even Amish-type societies. They have sectioned away from the world and taught the ways of that religion above all other knowledge. Wanting to explore or question what is the purpose is not usually looked at fondly and you must choose to believe the practices. For the leader role, I can see the cult leader or a pastor. They are typically looked at as all-knowing and make the major decisions associated with the group, leading the teachings and giving responsibilities to the followers. 

The schooling can be adjusted similarly to the example given in Umberto Eco’s list as number 14. The working or limit of information is seen when people are kept away from the outside world. Other societies may have inklings but these are the main two that seem to be more aligned in my opinion.

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