Pre-Production of Podcast

I have had pretty decent experiences when working in groups. I can often become overwhelmed with projects when others are not helpful of as invested to the team effort as I am and sometimes take on more than I can handle. So it is fear I have that my group will not care about the project in some way, however this one sounds interesting so hopefully that is not an issue. I also naturally fall into a leadership position at times and it can become tiresome not being able to develop the skills of a good follower/team member because I will not always be in the leadership role after I leave XULA.

I like to believe I am tech savvy to an extent. I can get what needs to be done completed, but sometimes there is a trial and error process. I speak well to groups but only after I break out of my shell in the moment. I go into a lot of situations afraid of the outcome and have to warm up after realizing it is not as bad as I believed. I am also starting to force myself to do things that scare me in order to grow so speaking with large audiences will be on that list. It is one of those skills that you only get from doing so I am okay with being uncomfortable for the first couple of times.

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