Podcast Post-production

I am not too comfortable working in certain groups at the moment. I feel like life is moving too fast to have people depending on me to complete things. And I know that that is a part of life but right now a lot of things are happening. For this podcast specifically, I feel like my timing could have been a lot better and my tasks could have been completed sooner. I am usually fine being in a group with others, but as we move through classes and have to work around schedules I am not becoming a fan of it.

When it comes to technology, I feel comfortable using it and sharing information but I would not call myself a professional. I am not always sure about the best methods of using tech to reach others and share content. Large audiences do take kindly to media. It makes it so much easier to work with content and get more people to share it because it is not limited. I feel like in the way, you must become comfortable with tactics of using te

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