Ending Definition of a Dystopia

Dystopia – A time in society where the fears of humans are amplified to an extent that a group becomes marginalized by a form of oppression that in turn diminished their quality of life. 

After reading Young’s “Five Faces of Oppression” and hearing about everyone’s opinions and ideas of what a dystopian society typically consists of, I have come up with my definition. It is the amplification of fears to an extreme level, such as losing all emotion or losing the right to decide our path in life. In some way, the passion in life is removed and altered in a way that makes us uneasy and feels unapproving of the society described.

It puts a microscope on issues we see in the world such as the government having too much control over our privacy which can be seen in 1984. Or, society telling you that your physical biology will keep you away from your dreams in Gattica. Dystopia’s work makes us think about how life would work if there was a big shift from our comfort zone.

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