Defining a Dystopia

Dystopia – a world created by individuals assumed to be better than the current world through the removal of natural or human actions that are seen as problematic

In the movie adapted novel The Giver, this is the clearly stated idea for the society. In order to create a better world, emotions and memories of the past were removed in order to create a peaceful world that is blind to the idea of death and even love. The Handmaids Tale is the result of highly powerful people making the decision to overthrow the American government to correct all of the incorrect actions and address the issues in population control as it pertains to females unable to produce children.

Both of these societies result from people in power utilizing their status to make the world or society into a perfect place that they have dreamed up. The leaders are aware of what is needed to keep the society in motion and are often aware of the injustice being brought upon others. However, their actions are clouded by the idea of the unnatural way of life is what’s best for all people. Removing or changing the way of reproducing, cohabitating, experiencing, and even remembering are all seen as problems that cause war and issues in the world. Leaders took control and corrected these issues in the best way they saw fit.

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