What is a Dystopia?

A dystopia is a place where everyone isn’t treated like human beings and are faced with unjust treatment as a whole or even as an individual.

Through this class we’ve learned many things that make a dystopia a dystopia. The main thing that stuck with me was oppression. I’ve known the definition of oppression all my life and even faced some effects of it myself, but never once did I think that it was a factor in making a dystopia. I never connected the two and it was just a moment where my mind was blown when I was able to start connecting things in our world today that fit the definition of a dystopia. I think the Five Faces of Oppression was the best article in this class because it made all the components of a dystopia come together in a way that was easy to understand.

Dystopian Now was also a great article that made our modern trends visible as dystopian tendencies. Even though I found this article to be quite pessimistic, it did get the point across. I liked how the author mentioned ways to fix our habits and wasn’t shy about mentioning the struggles with societal rehabilitation. A dystopia can be defined in many different ways from different perspectives of all people. It’s important to see that your well-being can be the downfall of others. This class has helped me expand my way of thinking and form a new opinion on how the world works today. I now can point to dystopian pieces of the world and work to change/make them better.

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