Social Media, It’s in the name.

I personally feel comfortable working in a group. I mean would that be my first option? No. Am I capable? Yes. I usually like to work alone because I can depend on myself to get things done, but I’m always open to working with other people. My group so far seems understanding and productive so I’m excited to work with them. I think when you have a good group to work with it changes your attitude and you end up not complaining about working in a group. In person I’m shy so I would be a little more apprehensive about group work, but because this is an online course, and for the sake of covid, I am excited to work in a group and create our podcasts.

In terms of using technology to communicate to big audiences I never really thought about doing that. I have twitter so I guess that’s a form of using technology to communicate to a larger crowd of people. I guess any social media has that aspect, hence it being called SOCIAL media. I used to watch youtubers and now that I think of it that’s what they’ve been doing all these years, but I personally struggle with the concept of talking to someone that’s not there. I know there’s an audience once they post, but I honestly can’t even do voice memos because I can’t take them seriously and just start laughing while asking myself “who are you talking to?” lol. I think the podcast will be different because I’ll be talking to my group members so that should be good. Now that I think about it, I’m using technology to communicate with a bigger audience right now while typing this blog. What a coincidence.

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