Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden. I honestly called and asked my dad if he’s heard of him. I’m surprised to hear what he had to share. My first concern is his credibility, I always ask myself if the person commenting on the government is coming with facts or opinions. I can’t fully decide which it is Snowden is using. Due to his experiences with the United States government, I think his opinion is biased. Snowden has been chased out of the country because he shared information about the government and could be arrested for it.

After learning the origin of the state of privacy in the United States, I have a different outlook on it. In the sense that the government started looking into their citizens due to a big terrorist attack, it’s understandable. If the government is just being nosey and not doing anything useful with the information then they shouldn’t use it.

Snowden believes that the government should not be using their power in technology the way that they do. Like tracking phones, monitoring what people search, and things like that. Even those things can be annoying, there are positives to what the government does with their technology. For example, without the government’s secret use of technology we wouldn’t be able to catch certain criminals on local cameras. Another example is CCTV, the government uses CCTV to monitor big areas or areas with a lot of people in them. Keeping track of these places keeps people safe and monitors if anything suspicious is happening and prevent future attacks.

I can’t fully critique Snowden because there are some things I don’t agree with everything that the government does. I just think that there are certain things that are a little deeper than the surface and though I’m sure Snowden isn’t only thinking on the surface, I think in order to critique a government we have to understand it’s whole being.

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