This week in class we talked about copyright and the correct ways to use or mention someone else’s work. At first I was wondering why Dr. Todd had us learning about it, but now it all makes sense.

First, due to this blog post being named Podcast Production Update, I want to update the reader on my group’s podcast. I think it’s going pretty well. My group has come up with an efficient way of meeting and working together. A lot has gone into it, and my group members are understanding of how everyone brings different strengths to the group as a whole. I’m really excited to see how the finish product comes out.

Now, back to copyright. I had a lot to say and many mixed feelings about this topic. It’s really hard for me to decide which side to take on the copyright argument. Of course I agree that no one should take credit for or steal someone else’s art, but I do feel as if someone was inspired by art they should be able to creatively add their own touch to it. This goes for art, music, clothing, everything.

I do believe that my group is doing well adhering to the rules of copyright. Our podcast is more centered around our opinions and how we feel about our dystopia so that makes it easier not to copyright. Also, as long as credit is given where it’s due then there shouldn’t be a copyright issue. The only area I see room for copyright in the podcast is when students are talking about the movie/novel/tv show they are working with and what it’s about. I still think that with proper citation it would be less of a hassle wondering about copyright issues.

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