Will Religion be the Answer to end Oppression?

Religion is a big part of a lot of people’s life and it is what gives people hope for their future. I believe that religion is important for almost all things in life, it is what helps people stay positive and look forward to the future. For example in the Christian faith there are specific principles in the bible that his people are supposed to follow and when those things are followed correctly then, in hindsight there would be no oppression.

There needs to be something higher than any other human or person for people to follow under and if not who opinion do we go off of? It is chaotic and everyone has different opinions about what is right and wrong whereas a religion will put everyone on the same path but only when followed correctly and not abused. When there is an abuse to power then I believe that religion would be harder but if followed in the ways in which are intended and correct then I think religion can very well be the answer.

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