Mad Max: Worth Watching?

For this Movie Choice, I decided to watch Mad Max: Fury Road. I personally don’t usually like movies with so much killing and constant action without much of a storyline but this movie for the most part kept my attention. The movie in the beginning took place in the facility where the citizens were held but the rest (basically the entirety of the movie) took place on this long sandy/ dirt road as they were trying to escape from the dystopian life that was ruled by the sole dictator. The movie, for the most part, had no real plot and it was majority just action with killing, and there were only minimal words being spoken throughout the movie. As someone who is into action movies, this movie is definitely 10/10. 

Mad Max: Fury Road is based in what seems to be a post apocalyptic time where there only a few people left and in a sense it looks like darwinism-survival of the fittest. This director did a great job displaying exactly what a real dystopia might look like. It began to get a bit confusing when side character Furiosa came in with the five wives who were the escapees. It was not really a good transition to add them into the movie, it took a bit for me to fully understand what they were doing there & why they were on the opposing side of Max initially. The dystopian element in this movie was when Max lost his individualism with the mask and chain almost being animal like and the wives that were with Furiosa who were treated also animal like and as property to the dictator, Joe. For example, there is a scene in the movie where one of the wives dies and the only thing Joe cares about is the baby inside, he cuts her open like its nothing just to get the baby.

Overall, I believe the directors did great with painting the picture of this dystopian world. This movie really keeps you on your toes where you feel like you can not look away. Even though there are few words spoken in this movie, there was still a lot of character development within each character & the action was nonstop. I also enjoyed the symbolism that was shown throughout the movie, for instance with the mask Max had to wear throughout the movie dehumanizing who and in the end him finally able to get the mask off & granting him his individualism back which also contributes to the dystopian element.

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