Is anything really private?

After watching the interview with Snowden, I can say that I agree with the way Snowden views the way that the United States Government invaded our privacy via technology. The interview spoke on topics about COVID and the ways in which the government tracks us via our devices such as cell phones, computers and tablets. I find it interesting every time I find myself taking about a specific item and later on in the day I see it on my social media feed or in my ads when I am on different websites. 

I also believe that in terms & conditions it most likely tells you that you are wavering your privacy. I recently learned about what the “cookies” are & when those are accepted by the user that means that you are allowing future ads to come up from the website you accepted the cookies from. Everything that you do & say is being tracked and recorded such as where you are and what you are saying or searching. Nothing we do is ever truly private. We are constantly being tracked.

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