Group Projects vs. Me

My experience working with groups has been okay. I work well with other people and have great communication skills. Group projects are sometimes not my favorite because you have to work through other people’s work ethics and sometimes they clash. That is usually the only downside I have about working in groups. I like working in groups because you can get different perspectives from others and new ideas that you would not have otherwise thought of on your own and also get the work done faster by splitting up the work. In the past, I have worked really well with other people and have produced a lot of good projects. 

In elementary school, my teacher made us do a podcast on the things we were learning during the school year and this is the only experience I have had with a podcast in particular and I don’t really remember much on how to do it. I have done projects via powerpoint and had to present on zoom before. Social media is also a big way to communicate with a large audience. I have used social media to promote my friends’ businesses and spread awareness about social issues. I don’t have a lot of other experiences with different forms of technology to communicate with large audiences. 

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