Dystopia to Me: The Update

dystopia- a place where all things are bad and full of poverty, pain, suffering and injustice. 

In literature, a dystopia is a place where everything is completely dreadful and where no one is happy. My favorite example of a dystopia is the Netflix Original Movie “What Happened to Monday?”. This is a story taking place in a post-apocalyptic time where there is a surge in the population and if there isn’t a ban on the number of people that can be born then the world will end. Everyone in the movie is always scared of being taken away by the government. The confusing thing about dystopia is it is subjective, what is horrible to one person might not be to another. Similar to the reading “Civilization & its Discontents”, Sigmund Freud says “It is very difficult to form an opinion whether and in what degree men of an earlier age felt happier and what part their cultural conditions played in the matter”, it is difficult to say if the pain and suffering of one person are the same as another. Dystopia is usually a part of fictional literature but in some ways, dystopia can be considered in our everyday lives. The article “Five Faces of Oppression” was the most interesting to me. Within that article, Iris Young goes through the hat each of the five groups are and it’s relation to what dystopia is. 

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