Podcast Production Update

After completing all of the Intellectual Property activities, write a blog post in which you consider how well your team is adhering the copyright rules and the ideals of fair use.

My group would most likely get sued by both Netflix and the studio that has the rights to Gattaca. We plan on showing clips of the movie so the listeners have a better context of what is happening. But any use of copyrighted material (including music) in a video, without a license to do so, may be copyright infringement. Copyright infringement, as a general matter, occurs when a copyrighted work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner. A copyright owner can seek damages for unpermitted use of its work. Not only could the hard work you put into your video be in vain, as your content will be at risk of being taken down or muted, but you could also be subject to potential hefty fines and/or legal action against you. Using the phrase “No copyright infringement intended” is merely announcing to the universe that you are committing willful copyright infringement, by knowingly using someone else’s protected content without permission. Though most people who use them are simply trying to cover their tracks they are making themselves a bigger target by copyright infringement lawyers. I do not think our podcast will be broadcasted worldwide so I do not believe the lawyers will come after us but we still did not have proper permission from the production studio or even the streaming service.

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