Podcast Comfortability and Abilities

I work great in groups. I am usually the organizer of the group, getting everyone together and making sure everyone knows their role on the project/assignment. The good thing about working in groups is being able to bounce and elevate ideas between each other. It’s also great in an online class such as this to interact with fellow students. The only bad side to groups is people not pulling their weight and relying on others to do the work. But, I have already started talking to my group mates and I feel like we are a responsible batch of people. I probably also work well in groups because I am not generally selfish and would hate to jeopardize anyone else’s grade.

I think I am fairly decent at navigating technology especially to communicate with others, some could say this is even my best form of communication. Twitter is usually the way I communicate with my adoring fans and the masses. There has been a rise in podcasting but I feel as though it has been from the prospective of men giving their unwarranted opinions. I am excited to share my thoughts through these podcast.

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