A Dystopia is a Deferred Utopia

My definition of a dystopia to put it simply would be a failed utopia. When thinking about it someone’s utopia could easily be another’s dystopia. These terms are very relative by the way. The perceived meaning depends on the onlooker’s mindset or expectations. Somebody’s utopia may be another person’s hell. That’s why anybody who wants to choose one of these definitions should also take into account what the qualities of this said place or condition that makes it attractive or unattractive are. This is likely due to the difference in moral and social values upon different economical classes. I do not think anyone designs something to be as bad as possible except possibly the creation of hell. I think of Thanos’s vision, he saw his own planet destroyed due to lack of resources and decided to implement genocide. When he did it on other planets it seemed successful since he did not see children starve anymore but come on it’s GENOCIDE. It is not okay at least to me to just wipe out 1/2 a population due to the lack of creativity. But I have seen may argue seriously, that Thanos was right. It’s okay to sacrifice so that some can survive.

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