What form of government should we choose?

I believe a liberal democracy would be the farthest from a dystopian society for numerous reasons. According to research, a liberal democracy allows individuals to think freely and to exercise their rights, which is the total opposite of what most dystopian societies consist of. In many of the stories that I have read, many dystopian societies all had the similar concept of an authoritarian government. The citizens of a dystopian society do not have the ability to think for themselves. The government normally chooses everything for the citizens. Even something as simple as no reading books to keep you safe or to avoid hatred everyone must follow the rule as “sameness.”

When comparing the ideas of a liberal democracy and the ideas of a dystopian society, there are a lot of differences. Although both believe in equal rights, a dystopian society wants everyone to be equal by restricting opinions and being able to freely think. In a liberal democracy there’s freedom of speech. People have the freedom to express their own ideas. In a liberal democracy, if I do not agree with someone’s idea, I could express that even if it would hurt their feelings. I would not be penalized for saying I do not like something. On the other hand, in books like The Giver, Fahrenheit 451, or even 1984, there was no such thing as having your own idea. Going against the government was seen as crazy and doing too much. In a liberal society, you have the right to do what you please. After researching and reading, a liberal democracy would not fit the ideas of a dystopian society.

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