Utopian Thinking

Even though the definition of utopia describes a state of perfection, I agree that utopian thinking will give more a positive outlook on the world and progression, but I do not agree that it will overcome dystopia. Us as a society will never get to that state of perfection, simply because we always want more than what we already have, and everything is constantly evolving. I do agree that we would excel more if everyone was more optimistic or hopeful about the changing so that the world would be a better place, but that would take a lot of people to participate. For instance, if you are hopeful in attaining better grades, then you put in the work, or if you wanted to help with pollution, you decide to ride a bike more often, both of these things require “utopian” or positive thinking. Things cannot change unless we want the change and want to fight for a change. When Robison states that ” it’s crucial to keep imagining that things could get better, and furthermore to image how they might get better,” I 100% agree with this because you must want and put in the effort, I just do not thing we will ever get to the ultimate goal.

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