The True Meaning of Dystopia

When the government attempts to create so many boundaries to avoid real world problems, it leads to destruction. Citizens get curious and explore what society could be. As in going beyond those boundaries and figuring out the negatives or positives of those restrictions. Individuals are thirsty for answers and want to find out what the government is hiding from society. It is impossible to create a perfect world simply because nothing is perfect. Even though those limitations could be seen as protecting the citizens from being hurt are not ideal because what if those restrictions are needed and beneficial for the society. Most of the time those restrictions just cause more problems, instead of helping the world to become a better place. Every individual has their own opinions, ideas, and perspectives. No one is going to completely agree with every step of someone else’s decisions especially when their freedom is limited.

Based on my readings and film watching, each one had a society where the government had too much power. The government would attempt to reduce any turmoil by trying to come up with perfect systems that required a lot of restrictions. Whether it was to restrict individuals from their individuality, competing for food, or staying in a closed space to avoid real world problems, each of these limitation lead to destruction of the society. It only takes one individual to want to “rebel” for the society to fall. One may think “how is the government so sure that these restrictions are keeping us safe” or “what is the government hiding from the society”? One individual may get curious and influence others to “rebel,” which leads to a world of curiosity. Government may attempt to fight those curious individuals, but those individuals do not stop until they get their answer. With all the fighting and questioning, there is no way an attempt to a perfect system does not create chaos and destruction.

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