Is Religion the Answer?

I often turn to religion when I feel as if I need to talk to someone, but not just a friend or family member. I sometimes listen to gospel music in the morning, or before a big test, or even when I am doing homework and feel like giving up. Even though I often turn to religion, I do not think it is necessarily the answer to defeat dystopia (in reality) especially since not everyone follows some type of belief.

Although I would argue religion is not the answer, I do agree that it is a motivator in many situations and help guide people in giving them hope. For example, in the Brown Girl in the Ring the priest was able to use religion as a guidance in order to defeat the authoritarian group. On the other hand, I have read books that did not have religion and did not have as strong as an outcome. In my opinion, I think religion, or any belief would be a part of defeating a dystopia, but it cannot defeat a dystopia by itself.

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