America: Higher Education is a Scam

In my opinion America’s higher education is a scam. It is a great real world example of a dystopia. In order to get a good stable job, many places require some type of college level degree. Of course you could start your own business which is also a great way of making money, but some people rather go to school. Sometimes, after college, you are still not guaranteed a job or a good paying job. Students spend two to four years getting a higher education just to be in debt with a not so promising job. 

A child fresh out of high school must now stress about college and the debt that comes with it. The application process of getting into college is tough. Many colleges require an ACT score or a SAT score which is a key factor on whether or not you’ll get accepted. If accepted, will there be a scholarship? Most colleges require an application fee, even if it is NOT your guaranteed school. Students must also apply for fafsa, but is that really helpful for all students?? There are a lot of key factors that go into getting a higher education. It just does not make sense to me. Since I want to be a doctor, any loan that contributes to my education must get paid back. America is a scam. America is one of the wealthiest nations, but does not make adjustments for people who want a higher education. America should contribute more to college tuition, so more students are able to follow their dreams and get a higher education. 

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