Once Upon a Time, but Then We Opened Our Eyes

Although it is true that the idea of dystopia would not exist without the initial idea of utopia, I do not believe that a utopia can truly exist… anymore. Yes, anymore. Now that implies that there once was a utopia. Though this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, according to my religious beliefs, there was a true utopia in the beginning.

That’s right, the Garden of Eden is the society I would give everything to revert the current world too. The paradise God created for Adam and Eve. They had a surplus of everything needed to survive, yet owned nothing. Ownership was not necessary, therefore no jealousy. There was no need to think of inventions to make anything more efficient. They were blind, so trust was the only true factor. You may be thinking, “One-man ownership, no free thinking, blind trust, sounds like a dictatorship.” To that, my rebuttal would be that God is not man, thoughts are need-based, and deceit was unknown.

I often think to myself if we humans were meant to be all that we are now. I justify my thoughts by referring to the immediate effect of our first act of sin, sight. One of the five senses that most of us could not imagine life without. In my opinion, the most useful sense, but also the most problematic. Oh, the number of problems in the world that would have never existed if we were all born blind. This includes racism, jealousy, and greed, which to me seem to make the world go round.

I guess you can say that I support the concept “ignorance is bliss”. However, only if ignorance was initially present. Somehow turning everyone blind in this current state would cause nothing but chaos. Granted the knowledge we have now, reverting would be impossible. This is why utopia is not something we see, but something we imagine.

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