The amount of privacy a person is willing to surrender can vary depending on individual preferences and values. For example, some people may be willing to share almost everything about their lives, while others may be more cautious about sharing personal information.

The rewards people expect in exchange for giving up privacy can also vary. Therefore, it is important to consider the potential consequences of surrendering privacy before making any decisions. It is also necessary for individuals to have control over how their data is used and to be aware of the risks involved in sharing personal information online. As far as myself, I am not super duper private. I am very open when it comes to helping others, especially when it comes to something I know I am knowledgeable about or have experienced before. But regarding things that are super personal and important, I may be more selective and restricted on what I choose to share. Many people are not appreciative and genuine these days, so as mentioned early, it’s essential to be aware of what comes with sharing information.

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