Whats my personal Utopia?

I think my personal utopia would be a society where there is little to no struggle. When I say this I mean, I think struggle can be good to keep people humble in a way. Although in my utopia the struggle wouldn’t be as harsh as struggles today, I feel like the struggle would be not landing the dream job within the timeframe but still having a position you’re happy with. The struggle would be having time and money and figuring out ways to use it, and spend it. My personal utopia is a society where everyone can live in equality. I think everyone deserves respect, so it will be a society with no disrespect. My personal utopia will allow for everyone to live the life they desire and there will be endless opportunities for people to reach them. I realize that my personal utopia sounds very fairytale and I have one big concern with it being that way. I think my biggest concern when it comes to my utopia is “the bad wolf” coming to essentially mess it all up. I realize that in a “perfect” world there will be struggle and it has to be some sort of problem area to improve on. I feel this way because if there is no struggle or problem area at all it will be nothing for the society to improve on. Although it sounds perfect, I never want my society to become bored with “perfection”. I haven’t quite thought about what problem area it will be but as I stated previously I know that I don’t want it to be an extreme problem or struggle. The struggle or problem area has to be something fixable, that the society can work towards improving.

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