Privacy, Yay or Nay?!

What am I willing to give up for privacy? This question is actually a pretty hard question because, what is privacy in the U.S? I think as far as privacy money is fair and I don’t mean like extra money. I feel like the taxes we pay are enough to give us privacy but that gets us nothing as of now. I already feel that the government over taxes and we have to pay for anything to live life really so the least the government can do is give us privacy. I do feel as though some things that the government has in place are helpful in keeping us safe, because if not for them, people could be planning attacks within the U.S on a regular basis. I honestly feel as though we give up enough privacy as it is, I do feel that certain things are unnecessary though especially when it comes to money and privacy. Like when it comes to money at a certain point the government looks at you weird because you have too much in your account. If your job pays you over a certain amount or you receive a lump sum of money into your account they look at you weird as well. I think the amount is like over 10,000 but like why is there a cap on how much you can get. Not even thinking of the cap specifically, why do they have to watch your pockets or your account. I feel like money should be private, like pay the people and that’s it. In this instance I do feel that is where the taxes come in and how they over tax. Privacy is such a general conversation that can go on for so long . I feel that with privacy you can break it into so many different sectors so money is just a big part of privacy for me. What is your big part in privacy?

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