Dystopia-Different Ways I See it

When I first discussed the word dystopia, I believe I was in 8th grade, and my class read The Giver, so we talked about two different societies. We talked about a dystopian & utopian society. I remember really enjoying this lesson because not only did we read the book that left us with imagination of how things looked we also watched the movie. Having that in the back of my head I now can easily imagine and describe a dystopian society. To me a dystopian society is just that, the opposite of a utopian society adding to more of that “dys” also just means bad so I think bad society, unorganized dysfunctional and everything in between.
Dystopia means “an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives.” When I think dystopia I think of anarchy, where there is no ruler, no laws, no enforcement. Dystopia also in some ways reminds me of post-apocalyptic, everything is in disorder and dysfunction because the world was once in panic because of something not going the right way. The world was in chaos because of panic, which then leads me into thought of at panic under government what systems are put in place to not leave the world panicking. I think bad emotions like fear and panic and many other emotions can cause the government to be overturned. I believe that plays a big role in a society leading towards a dystopic society, not having proper steps in place when big things happen to cause panic and fear within people in powerful places like the government.
I think every time I think of any dystopian society I think of movies or shows like “The Walking Dead”, or “The Maze Runner” even “Divergent” (before the government and after the government was overturned). Recipes for a dystopian society for me personally has to be chaos, an overturned government, and so much more. Real life dystopias can be government collapse, war, inflation, recession and a lot of other things we have been facing I todays age.

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