Anti-Anti-Utopia or Utopia?

If I understood the essay right I want to say I am an anti-anti-utopian thinker. I chose this way of thinking because even in the previous blog post we did describing our perfect utopia, I needed ways to make it that way. I didn’t blindly go in thinking I would get my perfect utopia by just wanting it, I knew it would come with steps and trial and error. Essentially for my understanding being an anti (not) concept in this case utopia, the want for a better place isn’t as simple as just the want. The want for a better place requires work, which is why Robimson says “ One way of being anti-anti utopian is to be utopian.” That stood out to me because although it is anti, the repetition makes it invalid because its saying it opposes the anti and not the utopian concept. “It’s crucial to keep imagining that things could get better, and furthermore to imagine how they might get better.” This sentence gave me the understanding that being anti-anti utopia is to still think utopia but to think about how you can get there and not blindly think a society into place. I think anti-anti-utopia can really be described with the saying “turn your dreams into reality” When I think about my perfect utopia, I think of ways to make that utopia last and not just be an idea. With the thoughts behind, the creation of the perfect utopia I think that’s where becoming an anti-anti utopia thinker comes from because instead of only thinking about creating it, i’m thinking of ways to maintain and create it. 

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