What is a dystopia?

What is a dystopia? To me a dystopia is a false place or society that is in a disastrous state that causes havoc on the people that are there. Sometimes I think that dystopias are created based off of things that are happening in the real world or as a way to show the extreme of a situation that’s taking place in the real world if things went totally wrong. I also believe that sometimes dystopias are based off of an utopia if it was the complete opposite. After being in this class for a few days and realizing how many movies and books I’ve seen, I have noticed how common it is for these films and books to take place in dystopian societies. For example, the city of ember, where they seem to be living a completely normal life and functioning just like we do in the real world but they are actually living underground due to an apocalypse that happened years ago. I think this is considered a dystopian society because even though they seem to be living normal lives they are forced to live like that due to a disaster that took over the “real” or old world they lived in. I think another type of dystopia we see throughout movies and books would be like the hunger games where people are overall having to fight for their lives all the time to survive and usually live with little to no resources. I think these types of dystopias can relate to the real world because it can show suffrage that some people even in the real world might have to go through even if it is shown in an extreme way. Overall, I do think that even though dystopias can be shown in different ways, they all still fall under the category of havoc or suffrage. 

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